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Hey! I'm Sonja
returning <coder> & .web {designer} • photographer • violin & piano learner • creative mind • explorer • sailing enthusiast • more »
home is where the heart is

"The word BlueCurl is from a time where I loved to sit down at the beach, wiggle my toes in the sand and watch the incoming waves. For me, tranquil moments in darker days of the past. Nowadays, I just love life near or on water."

The origin of BlueCurl

Violin & Piano
I decided, at age 34, to commit to learn how play the violin so maybe one day I can make music! During the 2020-2022 pandemic I had a bit of time to spare so I started to play the piano also! I keep track of my progress on YouTube. My channel currently has over 37k views. Read more »
Hey! I'm Sonja
I am Sonja, a creative nerd, in my thirties. Together with my husband and 2 cats, I live life in a little city just South of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Me in a nutshell: returning <coder> & .web {designer} • photographer • music listener, violin & piano learner • creative mind & arts • traveler • sailing enthusiast • fountain pens & filofax. Read more »