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My journey

Since my mid-teens I have wanted to learn in instrument. I was just too scared to do so, life was filled with other stuff, etc. After my husband and I moved into our new home my life settled down and I decided it was time to learn an instrument. In December 2018 I decided I wanted to commit to learn to play the violin. In the last week of December I had my first introductory lesson. And things went on from there.

“It takes about 5 years before you can really play something”, so I was told. “If you want to play something cool fastly, pick another instrument”. And yes, after almost 2 years now, I still mostly play children songs, lullabies and simplified pieces. Oh, and I still sound rubbish! But I am really enjoying this journey! I do learn something new each week! And I have learned to love that!

As of May 2020, I have decided to show my progress on YouTube. I have started this channel to have something to look back to myself! I like that! But I don’t mind to let others in on my progress as well! Below are my videos. Latest first!

My videos