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My journey

Learning both the violin and piano was and still is on my wish list. I started with violin lessons at the very end of 2018 as it seemed a more practical instrument, somehow! At that time I had also just discovered some beautiful violin concertos that inspired me to pick the violin first. It was always my plan to learn the piano after 5 years of violin. But then the pandemic happened. Time spend less socializing so I thought it would be a perfect time to start my piano journey a bit early as planned! I bought a piano and started to practice from February 17th, 2021 and on.

The ability to play something on the piano seems to be the thing from day one. The simple piece I played after a few months on the violin can be done after 30 minutes of practice. But then the rapid development of music theory and shifting comes into it! It is the same as with the violin, to just do something after a practice session that you could not do before that practice session is the thing that keeps it fun!

I take lessons with the violin. Taking lessons is pretty expensive so I decided to teach myself on the piano with the help of books and the internet. I show my progress on Youtube. I have started this channel to have something to look back to myself! I like that! But I don’t mind to let others in on my progress as well! Below are my videos. Latest first!

My videos